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Capital Link World Corp. 

  • Land Development

  • Financial Sourcing

  • Public and Private sectors

  • Environmental

  • Security Technology

  • B2B  Solutions

  • International Consulting


Capital Link World Corp is a consultancy service delivering results globally. We are renowned for cross-sectoral work in the private sector and public sectors Internationally.

From assisting clients to access exclusive opportunities to winning solutions in many sectors. Some of our successes have been to assists our clients with exclusive opportunities in urban development, land acquisitions, Project Management, Strategies, private financing and joint ventures.

In other areas we enjoy direct access to decision makers directly in the public and private sectors globally. 

Our group expertise covers from A to Z in all aspects of the private sectors, Public Sectors and in creating exclusive opportunities for all clients.                                                                   

“Capital Link World Corp – Your Direct Link Worldwide       since 2004.”


Capital Link World Corp.  Facilitates winning solutions Globally.

Provides a team based structured approach in achieving a desired outcome

A genuine interest in your issues  and goals


A collaborative style that seeks a winning solution 

Assistance in reaching desired access to solutions

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The firm's Associates are a hand-selected global team of highly trusted and recognized leaders from multiple industries, disciplines, academic fields, with a plethora of experience and expertise in private, public and military. Our Associates are highly cleared by the U.S. and foreign governments. They are recognized for their integrity, ethics, and speed-of-execution.

On a daily basis our Associates are engaged in sensitive areas of business, industry, and government directly supporting their clients. As a result we do not disclose information regarding our Associates or their functions.

Our customers range from Global corporations to start-ups, mid-sized corporations, and foreign and domestic governments. Our business is driven by ethics and a constant evaluation of conflicts of interest. Our clients' privacy is of utmost importance. We do not disclose any information regarding our clients or their functions. All strategic Associates and Clients are bound by a strict non-disclosure agreements. For further information contact us.

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