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Capital Link World Corp is currently assisting Ellsworth Group for consultancy services. We are renowned for cross-sectoral work in the private sector and public sectors Internationally.

From assisting clients to access exclusive opportunities to winning solutions in many sectors. Some of our successes have been to assists our clients with exclusive opportunities in urban development, land acquisitions, Project Management, Strategies, private financing and joint ventures.

In other areas we enjoy direct access to decision makers directly in the public and private sectors globally. 

Our group expertise covers from A to Z in all aspects of the private sectors, Public Sectors and in creating exclusive opportunities for all clients.                                                                   



Capital Link World Corp  works closely with Money Sources a financial marketing consulting group that is a valued associate / Client of Capital Link World Corp. Money Sources is able to source the right financial group for our specific clients needs . Money Sources has a vast Network of Lenders that are fully certified, experienced and are licensed FSCO Brokerages and Agents.


Money Sources have long term relationships with many FSCO Licensed Brokerages that allow our clients to enjoy immediate attention to their needs and have a variety of options and solutions that in many cases traditional brokerages cannot provide.

All lending brokerage associates through Money Sources can provide you with some options and can match your current financial situation with the right funding solution for residential, commercial, industrial, development, construction, or private financing requirements.

** All Lending associates Referred  by Money Sources are fully certified, experienced and are licensed FSCO, International Brokerages and Agents



Capital Link World Corp has worked closely with the Government of Croatia to develop clients for potential Joint Ventures between the Government of Croatia and the Private sector.

We have worked closely with past with President Mesic and Ministers along with the current administration of the Government of Croatia to develop joint ventures for new Infrastructure projects, hotels, Resorts, Marinas, Casino and Golf courses throughout Croatia.

Capital Link World Corp had secured the strategic partners required to fulfill the proposed tourism development in Croatia. The joint venture consists of real estate specialists, development companies and large private financing groups that will work closely with the Government of Croatia to begin the process.

We are confident that these strategic associates and alliances of Capital Link World Corp can realize and develop many new projects with the New Government of Croatia for infrastructure projects, new technologies, new manufacturing and new investment in other sectors from our clients in the private sector.

This collaboration between Capital Link World Corp, many of our strategic associates and The New Government of Croatia will surely create many exclusive opportunities such as direct access to the Government in all dealings and bring vast new benefits to the Government of Croatia, the people of Croatia while creating many winning solutions for all parties.



HUDSON POINT LLC, is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOSB) and

Capital Link World Corp. have agreed to develop a strategic partnership that will create new opportunities and joint ventures with Canadian and international companies that seek exclusive manufacturing, supply and services opportunities with the U.S. Government.

Together HUDSON POINT LLC. and

Capital Link World Corp. we are able to provide various services and products to all government agencies under the special status of a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOSB) to access exclusive ventures pursuant to the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOSB) Program that will create an enormous advantage for all our clients seeking to accessing these exclusive opportunities throughout the USA



Capital Link World Corp. is currently working with Australian Consultants  on behalf of the City of Bunbury’s economic development office and the Government of Australia.


We are developing new investments and joint venture partnerships for major infrastructure projects in the City of Bunbury.


In addition we are working to attract financing and investments for infrastructure projects, new technologies, new manufacturing and help to create new investment opportunities from the private sectors throughout North America and Europe.


Currently we are negotiating with many of our global associates, financiers, developers and investors in order to obtain winning solutions for all parties.


We have created a strong interest to realize vast infrastructure needs , new job creations and with foreign investments make it possible  to ensure a larger expansion of the current  City of Bunbury.



Navancio and Maryboy Management Group, Inc., Is a Navajo owned business, and is a certified Navajo Nation business operator in many areas of expertise including Asset Management Services.

Capital Link World Corp. is a specialist and innovator in International business solutions assisting companies seeking exclusive opportunities, both in public and private sectors, business contacts and links to alliances and partners.

Together Navancio and Maryboy Management Group, Inc. and Capital Link World Corp. have entered into a Joint Venture to work together and provide various services and contacts to several government agencies under the special status of a Certified Native American Indian 8(a) Joint Venture pursuant to the US Small Business Administration's 8(a) Program.

This Joint venture can provide many exclusive benefits to Clients such as priority access, financing opportunities and favourable tax advantages, while being located within United States of America.


Capital Link World Corp along with the Late Dott. Saro Munafo worked closely with Sviluppo Lazio and the Government of Italy to help promote international and North American investment opportunities, Joint ventures and access to exclusive not on market opportunities throughout Italy.

We diligently worked from presentations, client on site visits, meetings with Ministers, Mayors and delegations regarding the projects.  

In addition we sourced many interested investors from North America that we're present and on site to view the opportunities with the Government.  The opportunities are still in existence and we are continuing to facilitate investments. 

Mr. Sottile and AVV. Gianluca Meranda have partnered under Capital Link World Corp SPA Italy to continue developing with the current Government to access new major exclusive opportunities, joint venture projects between the Government of Italy and potential Investor Groups that will be brokered by Capital Link World Corp and Capital Link World Corp SPA Italy


Falconbridge Solutions currently assists Capital Link World Corp clients to facilitate accurate strategic, conceptual and detailed project estimates to support early decisions regarding clients real estate developments.  Falconbridge Solutions enhance the chances of a project success by providing effective review and validation of estimates; and evaluation of project risk and uncertainty.

As a progressive company Falconbridge delivers and manages all cost and contractual implications of doing business.

FalconBridge Solutions specializes in the following services:



Capital Link World Corp is associated with Meranda Avvocati (AVV. Gianluca Meranda) which is  A leading independent international law firm. Our strength includes 25+ years practices and lawyers serving our clients around the world through our offices in Rome, Brussels, London. And from there in over 30 different jurisdictions.
Quality is the hallmark of our work. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with regards to all their legal needs, whatever may be the size of the matter. Excellent, timely and pragmatic advice is what makes us an award-winning law firm.

Corporate practice has always been our core business. Over the years, the prestige enjoyed in this area led us to diversify and develop other areas into core specialties. Today, we provide our clients with an integrated approach which results in a coordinated and efficient management of all aspects of their transactions.
Efficiency is a primary concern for our clients. That is why we focus on providing them with a tailor-made team that is the best combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.
Team coordination, in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and needs, and a focus on their strategic objectives are the strengths that fuel our efficiency.

Being international has always been our goal. Through our offices in Italy and abroad, we are present in key business centres. Thanks to a network of long-standing relationships with leading law firms all over the world, we are also able to fully assist our clients on cross-border transactions. We are members of the IBA and the BILA, two leading global associations of independent law firms.
Thanks to an increasing volume of activity at the highest levels, we have built over the years a business network with major stakeholders. Today we enjoy a credibility that our clients can benefit from.

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