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Capital Link World Corp was retained as a consultant  for a very high level security company primarily in the area of Safe City Programs for governments.


Mr Sottile was responsible for initiatives that identified, evaluated and commercialized technology for the specific goal of rapidly developing and deploying products and services that met the specific operational requirements of the Department's operating components, first responders and critical infrastructure/key resource owners and operators

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Mr. Sottile is working as a consultant to develop projects directly with the current Government of Italy .


Mr Sottile and associates in Italy are working diligently to access new major exclusive opportunities, joint venture projects between the Government of Italy and potential Investor Groups that will be brokered by Capital Link World Corp and Capital Link World Corp SPA Italy.

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Capital Link World Corp is currently sourcing the direct access and assistance of large to medium and international financiers for potential joint ventures or as equity partners in land development projects for our developer client in Toronto Canada.


Capital Link World Corp has secured strong interest for our client through our network and we are working towards a successful solution for our client

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Capital Link World Corp worked as a consultant to obtain equity and finance partner for a Major development project worth over $1 Billion in the Grater Toronto Area.


The group worked on development strategies, implementations, solutions, municipal approvals, design, engineering, and all aspects of project required to obtain the interest from foreign and local investor groups.

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Capital Link World Corp is a consultant for groups in Canada interested to secure and Joint Venture with new technology platforms such as cellular phones, technology manufacturing and many new and not yet on market technologies from Europe to North America.


Capital Link World Corp has Identified new and advanced technologies from Europe not yet on the market that are of high interest to the groups.


Capital Link World Corp was hired as a consultant by a Canadian supplier of military machinery specific to the US Defence department, Capital Link World Corp dealt directly with the US Coast Guard, US Department of Defence and ranking members at the pentagon where Capital link successfully achieved the access required for the client.

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Capital Link World Corp currently consults on behalf of A sizeable environmental group in Canada to access various benefits,  priority access, joint venture, financing opportunities and favourable tax advantages, while dealing with Native American Tribes located within United States of America.

Capital Link World Corp has over the years established direct access to many key Native American Tribes and can negotiate directly to initiate dealing for a potential joint venture with our client...

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Capital Link World Corp was hired to consult and develop a successful Joint Venture between a Major US Company and a sizeable Environmental Group for Canada. Capital Link World Corp helped to successfully bring the deal to fruition.


Capital Link World Corp was the key facilitator between both parties and also helped develop the strategies, solutions and goals for the joint venture groups.

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Capital Link World Corp is currently working with a major development group in Ontario Canada in the capacity of consulting and liaison between clients and Land developers to develop sites, joint ventures and assist in securing equity partners for those projects.


Capital Link World Corp has been hired as a consultant by a large land development firm in the Greater Toronto, Ontario area to develop and secure foreign financing and investor groups from E.U for specific projects that require funding and equity partners .


Capital Link World Corp’s reach in the EU is generating several potential parties both as foreign investors and potential Joint Venture partners with our land development client.

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